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Is buying bulk or wholesale vapes from Alibaba and Madeinchina.com safe? This year, Chinese producers are anticipated to supply more than 300 million e-cigarettes to Walmart, 7-Eleven stores, service station outlets, and so-called vaping shops in the United States and Europe.

Even though the devices have grown in popularity, particularly among young adults, hundreds of e-cigarette producers in China operate with little regulation. According to experts, some of the heavy metals, carcinogens, and other harmful substances found in some e-cigarettes, such as lead, tin, and zinc, have been linked to faulty or poor manufacturing.

In one study, e-cigarette vapor included four times the amount of toxic nickel and chromium seen in traditional cigarette smoke; in another, half of the e-cigarettes tested malfunctioned, and some emitted vapor polluted with silicon fibers.

In the United States, there have also been cases of e-cigarettes exploding after a li-ion battery or electric chargers overheated, resulting in burns.

So why exactly are buying vapes from Alibaba and Madeinchina.com a bad idea, and where can you buy your clone/fake disposable vapes? Keep reading to find out. 

Buying Bulk or Wholesale Vapes from Chinese Companies such as Alibaba and Madeinchina.com Have no Regulation

In contrast to other industries such as toys, textiles, and smartphones, where global brands outsource manufacturing to China yet oversee and enforce quality control standards, the e-cigarette industry in China has evolved uniquely. Chinese firms were the first to develop e-cigarettes, and they did so in the absence of regulations.  Buying bulk or wholesale vapes from Alibaba and Madeinchina.com is always a gamble.

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has only recently begun to consider regulating e-cigarettes, working on rules that would require global manufacturers, including those in China and elsewhere, to provide the agency with an ingredients list and details about the manufacturing process.

So if you were to buy vape products from China, wholesale or otherwise, you have no idea what potentially harmful chemicals and other ingredients might be lurking within their knockoff cartridges. 

Buying bulk or Wholesale Vapes from China are of Poor Quality and Have Dangerous Ingredients 

In addition to safety being a concern, many of the vape products made in China are simply made with poor quality materials and will not last long. 

Using internet platforms like Alibaba.com and Madeinchina.com, e-cigarette manufacturers, many of whom young entrepreneurs operate, have discovered markets in the US. Many of their products are shipped in small batches via express mail with no questions asked, and importing them into the United States isn’t difficult due to lax regulations.

Counterfeiting operations have been made simple by their accessibility. Legitimate factory owners in Shenzhen complain about fakes being sold to wholesalers and online traders, who then mix fakes with bulk orders of genuine brands. Some lesser manufacturers, for example, put low-quality insulating paint on the heating coils, which might be hazardous if it leached into the e-liquids.

Health advocates are concerned about a history of food and drug safety crises in China, such as when toothpaste and cough medicine producers substituted diethylene glycol for the sweetener glycerin. More than 350 people died due to this in Panama, China, and other countries in 2006.

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Where Can I Buy Clone or Fake Disposable Vapes?

If you are looking for a safe and trusted source to buy your clone or fake disposable vapes, be sure to use a trusted supplier such as FatPuffWholesales.com. All vapes are not only checked for quality but also checked to avoid dangerous Chinese counterfeits. Always buy from trusted vendors instead of buying bulk or wholesale vapes from Alibaba and Madeinchina.com.

So what are clones and fake vapes anyway? 

Even though they may seem the same on the surface, there are a few differences between clones and fakes in the vape industry. 


Let us begin by explaining what a “clone” is; our description is relatively similar to the most widely recognized and accepted definition: A clone is a piece of vaping equipment that is a third-party copy of the original developer’s design down to the last detail.

Clones often use not just the same (or significantly similar) overall design and features as the gadgets that inspired them, but they also use the same materials in many cases. As a result, you have a piece of hardware that looks much more pricey original and functions like one.


So, what’s the main distinction between a clone and a fake? At a look, how can you know which one you’re working with? That is, after all, the issue. You can’t tell at first glance. In any case, not consistently. However, We’ve come up with a few recommended practices that should help you stay away from them.

1. The most duplicated pieces of hardware in the industry are mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers. They’re also the ones who get imitated the most by cheap counterfeit artists. Therefore,

2. Get to know your supplier. If you’re looking for a clone, go with a reputable vendor. Look into it. Look for reviews on the hardware you want to buy and the store where it’s being sold.

3. Examine the guts if possible. While many knockoffs appear identical, or at least quite similar, to the originals on the outside, their cheap interiors will rapidly reveal their true nature. 

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