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As a vaping enthusiast, you might be following the launch of several vaporizers available in the market. However, there are only a few vaporizers that deliver delicious e-flavors. Fume Extra has earned worldwide recognition in the past couple of years. Vaping lovers mostly buy bulk Fume Extra, which is a feasible option.

Witnessing the popularity of Extra, on February 15, 2021, Fume Ultra was launched. Although the flavors are similar to Fume Extra, ULTRA offers 1000 more puffs.

How Fume Extra differentiates from Fume Ultra?

Here is our unbiased review of the two.


The airflow for both ULTRA and EXTRA is similar. The hardware & vapor works similarly for both devices.


Both offer 23 e-liquid flavors. All of these are iced flavors except Cuban Tobacco. Moreover, Rainbow Candy also has less “ice” than other Fume e-juice options.


The EXTRA is $7 cheaper than the ULTRA. Is it worth the squeeze to get the juice? Fume Extra and Ultra are compared based on puffs per dollar. Therefore, with 2500 puffs, you can inhale seven more inhalations per dollar ULTRA! However, the number of hits a disposable e-cigarette generates before the battery or vape juice runs out is hard to confirm.

If you choose Fume Ultra (2500 puffs) instead of Fume Extra (1500 puffs), you get 7 more hits per dollar. However, it is wide to buy wholesale Fume Extra and wholesale Fume Ultra, an excellent option for a regular vaping experience.

Avoid Buying The Fake

The market is packed with fake products. Ensure that you buy real Extra and Ultra. To confirm the product’s authenticity, scratch the sticker at the back to reveal the unique code and enter the code in the Fume anti-counterfeiting page.

Fatpuff Wholesale is the licensed distributor that guarantees a 100% vaping experience.

Fume Ultra Specs

Puff Count: 2500
E-Liquid Volume: 8ml
Battery Level: 1000mAh
Nicotine Concentration: 5.0% (50mg)
Salt Nicotine Level: 8 packs of cigarettes
Available Flavors: 18

Fume Extra Specs

Puff Count: 1500+ hits
E-Juice Volume: 6ml
Battery Level: 850mAh
Nicotine Concentration: 5.0% (50mg)
Salt Nicotine Level: 5 packs of cigarettes
Available Flavors: 20

Closing Note

The single-use vaporizer market has proven to be dominated by fumes. Considering the constant introduction of new brands, it’s essential to understand their pros and cons beforehand. With Fatpuff Wholesale, you’ll get wholesale Puff, wholesale Fume Extra, bulk Fume Ultra, transparency, and essential information.

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