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How to tell if your Geek Bar Pulse is real

As the vaping industry expands vividly at a speedy pace, many counterfeit vape products have been going around in this industry. The Geek Bar Pulse is susceptible to this horrible scheme. How do you find out if your Geek Bart Pulse is fake? What happens if you use a fake Geek Bar  Pulse? How do you spot fake Geek Bar Pulses?

What is a Geek Bar Pulse?

For those looking to transition from smoking to vaping, the Geek Bar Pulse is a popular disposable option because it comes with an e-liquid pod that is already loaded and requires no maintenance. It is popular because of its Small compact form and easy to carry.

What are the consequences for vaping a counterfeit Geek Bar Pulse?

In response to the meteoric rise in popularity of smoking Geek Bar Pulses, some unscrupulous producers have counterfeited countless of them. These products are frequently made with low-quality materials that are hazardous to your health. Worse, it may contain toxic substances known to cause lung disease, asthma, and other health issues. Using counterfeit items is dangerous to your health and may result in legal consequences. Purchasing and consuming counterfeit Geek Bars Pulse is a crime that could result in legal ramifications if discovered.

How to spot a fake Geek Bar Pulse

Knowing how to spot a fake Geek Bar Pulse is critical for keeping yourself safe from potential harm. Heres some ways to tell if your Geek Bar Pulse is fake.

  • Examine the package – Look at the container’s dimensions, hue, and closure. Products that are not authentic may be larger and have darker packaging. The zigzag line on authentic Geek Bar Pulse packaging indicates that it should be peeled off and cannot be resealed after opening. False ones, on the other hand, may have a replacement seal.
  • Verify All the Specifics – Consider the typeface and address printed on the box. Authentic Geek Bar packaging features clear, precise, and consistently presented UK information. Counterfeit certificates, on the other hand, may use a large and illegible typeface as well as a Chinese address. The new Geek Bar packaging includes a legal symbol for 18+ to help it stand out from counterfeits.
  • Check The Hologram Sticker – Look at the surface of the item for a holographic sticker with the word “G” clearly visible as a vital authenticity indicator. This feature distinguishes genuine Geek Bar Pulses from counterfeit ones, and fake ones may have distortion or fuzziness in their letter “G,” emphasizing its significance as a sign that this device is legitimate. You can count on this visual signal to confidently recognize genuine products while protecting yourself from poor counterfeits.
  • Study the Barcode – The bar code and expiration date display differ significantly between authentic and counterfeit Geek Bar Pulse packaging. Genuine products have a distinctive barcode section with sequential digits compared with expiration dates. Whereas fraudulent products frequently display these elements disjointedly, resulting in visual inconsistency that allows consumers to easily identify genuine products, such a discrepancy indicates that consumers can distinguish genuine goods. Counterfeiters frequently fail to replicate the precise integration of the bar code and expiration date that authentic products have.
  • Verify Your Security Code – Scratch-off stickers contain authentication codes. After scratching it off, visit the Geek Bar Verification page to determine whether your Geek Bar is genuine or counterfeit. sadly, there is no record of how frequently someone has entered the right code. It could undermine its security and cause copycat companies to copy multiple copies in large batches, compromising its verification system. Consider adding features like one-time use codes or tracking the number of code submissions to improve security even more.
  • Check The Product’s Plastic Bag – Make sure to thoroughly inspect your Geek Bar Pulse Vape link plastic bag to see if it contains counterfeit bars. Color is a key indicator for differentiating genuine from fake products; counterfeit bars appear darker. Another telltale sign is the existence of an informational insert about terms, conditions, and TPD regulations; counterfeit products usually do not include this.

What do you do if you spot a fake Geek Bar Pulse?

If you come across a fake Geek Bar Pulse, contact the Geek Bar crew through their website or report it to the local Scam authorities. It is critical to report such incidents in order to prevent others from becoming victims of counterfeit goods. There are two places to report believed fake goods: the maker’s reporting system and the local authorities in charge of such cases.


To prevent possible medical issues and legal consequences, it is critical to be able to identify a fake Geek Bar Pulse link. If you want to buy genuine Geek Bars Pulse from reputable stores.

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