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How To Solve a Disposable Vape Auto Firing: 7 Quick Steps

The issue of auto-firing is peculiar to disposable vape devices. If you enjoy the ease and simplicity of disposable vapes, you should discover how to prevent them from auto-firing. Your gadget can be activated by a variety of factors, so you must be aware of the possibilities.

You’ll know how to protect yourself from an auto-firing vape pen by the end of this essay.

Have you recently purchased a brand new disposable vape that isn’t working? What you can do is as follows.

What Does Auto-Firing Mean?

There is some misunderstanding concerning the term “auto-firing.”

When you manually fire the device, you press the fire button. This triggers the internal systems to activate, and you’ll soon have a mouthful of vapor.

When you breath to activate the device, auto-firing occurs. If you have a draw-activated device, it will do so every time you want to vape.

There is also another definition for the phrase. In the context of this article, auto-firing occurs when the vape device ignites itself without your involvement. This means it can fire in your pocket, handbag, or anywhere in your house.

Why Is Disposable Vape Auto-Firing a Problem?

When your device auto-fires, you squander valuable e-liquid. This is especially aggravating for those who purchase disposables that cannot be refilled.

The waste of e-liquid isn’t the only issue. Also, auto-firing:

  • The coils in your disposable vape are damaged.
  • Increases the likelihood of unintentional fires by igniting your clothes, pocket, or anything else with which the disposable vape comes into touch.
  • Auto-firing is no laughing matter! So, what exactly is the issue with your auto-firing vape device?

Reasons Why Your Disposable Vape Auto Fires

When asked how to stop a disposable vape from auto-firing, we provide seven popular solutions. The most typical causes include batteries, e-liquid, connection, overheating, flaws, and the firing button.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Defective Battery

A faulty battery, believe it or not, is frequently to cause for a disposable vape auto-firing.

Each vape battery includes a processor, often known as a chipset. A chipset serves as your device’s brain. They include numerous safeguards and typically monitor minimum and maximum outputs for power, temperature, and a variety of other parameters.

Chipsets can fail in a variety of ways. Dropping your iPhone on the ground or in water can easily destroy the chipset. Chip problems, no matter how you do it, might spell catastrophe for your disposable vape.

A faulty chip will instruct your device to shoot even while you are not using it!

E-liquid Leaked into Battery

An additional battery-related problem, involving e-liquid this time.

The e-liquid in your disposable vape may leak into the battery if you leave it on its side. As a result, the gadget automatically fires.

Never leave your disposable vape pen on its side to avoid this problem. Rather, keep it upright at all times and take care not to fill the pod or tank to the brim.

Poor Connection

A bad connection between the internal components of your device may be the cause of auto-firing.

You must clean every internal component of the device and reassemble it to resolve this issue. This ought to help the various technological components connect with each other more effectively.

Stuck Firing Button

Sometimes a stuck fire button is all it takes for your vape to start firing automatically.

You can try pressing, tapping, or lightly shaking your device to see if you can get the button to come off. We advise getting rid of the device and purchasing a new one if none of these solutions resolve the issue.

Of course, you can send proof to the manufacturer and receive a refund if your disposable vape pen has a sticky button right away.


Pod systems and other disposables can be severely impacted by extremely high or low temperatures. If your device is in a hot environment or direct sunlight, it may overheat and automatically fire.

Keep your gadget in a cool place at all times.

Manufacturing Defect

Manufacturing flaws are regrettably a very real possibility. Even though the majority of manufacturers have policies and procedures in place to identify flaws, some gadgets manage to pass inspection.

Your disposable vape may have a manufacturing defect if it starts firing automatically right out of the box. Never try to repair a device that is defective from the outset. Instead, get in touch with the retailer who gave you the gadget. They ought to examine their vetting procedures and issue you a refund.

Is the light on your disposable vaporizer blinking? With the aid of our troubleshooting guide, you can resolve the issue.

How to Stop a Disposable Vape from Auto-Firing?

Now you understand why the problem is happening, you need to learn how to stop a disposable vape from auto-firing.

Step 1) Turn Off Your Disposable Vape

Only when your device is turned on can it fire automatically. Turn off your device before attempting any of the solutions in this article.

Generally, all you have to do is hit the fire button a few times or for ten seconds. See the user manual for specific device information as the number of times varies.

There are some disposables without a power button. In fact, many contemporary disposable vaporizers are so svelte and featureless that they lack any functionality at all! In case your gadget lacks a dedicated off button, you must take out the battery.

You must take off your device’s external body in order to access the battery.

Step 2) Clean the Contact Points

You can clean the contact points after removing the battery from the device’s body. Battery contacts are not all the same; in fact, they differ in size and form amongst batteries. You should typically have little trouble determining which contact points are positive and negative.

Using some tissue or a cotton bud, thoroughly clean the contact points. This ought to get rid of any remaining dirt and debris causing your disposable vape to malfunction.

You should dip a tissue or cotton bud into isopropyl alcohol if there is a lot of debris on the contact points.

Step 3: Examine the Coils

Coils are a frequent problem, particularly for new vapers who don’t have enough experience to know when to get a new one.

Coils are essentially thin metal wires. The coil needs to heat up for your device to function properly. The coil eventually burns out when it reaches its maximum capacity. Misuse can also result in this, and it can taste burnt and unpleasant.

If this describes you, replace your device’s coil with a new one and properly dispose of your old one.

Step 4: Check the Voltage

Disposable vape pens typically don’t have a variable voltage output. You will either get massive clouds or tiny amounts of vapor because the voltage is fixed.

Different settings are possible with certain disposables, though. The ideal voltage range is between 3.2 and 4 volts. In case the voltage of your device is lower than that, you’ve discovered the cause of its automatic firing.

You must restart your device in order to adjust the voltage to a reasonable range. A typical pod system only requires you to quickly press the fire button a set number of times to turn it on or off. The device should display various settings when it powers back on. Once you locate the voltage option, you can set it to a reasonable amount.

Step 5: Cool Your Vape Down

It’s possible that your device is simply having trouble handling the heat. Ultimately, a lot of disposable vaporizers are quite compact. Usually, you can touch the outer casing to determine whether this is the issue.

Is the weather warm? If so, you should top off your tank with a few drops of e-juice. The juice will cool the coil and evaporate rather quickly.

Step 6: Only Use Nic Salts

Your vaping device may be significantly impacted by the juice you use. If a disposable vape contains anything other than nicotine salts, it may set off an auto-fire.

Nic salts require a lot less power than traditional freebase nicotine products, which require a lot of heat and power to produce a lot of vapor. Nicotine salts consequently auto-fire far less frequently.

In addition, the blood absorbs nicotine salts much more quickly than freebase nicotine products. You can avoid auto-firing and get your nicotine fix sooner by switching to nic salts!


Step 7: Bang the device on a solid surface

Even though it might seem strange, tapping or hitting a battery-operated device against a solid surface is a common temporary fix for various problems. This procedure is usually used when a gadget displays malfunctions or glitches, like a stuck button, a loose connection, or a brief power outage. 

The tapping’s impact can jostle internal parts, possibly realigning or reestablishing connections, which fixes minor technical problems. It’s important to remember that this approach is not always helpful or advised, and in certain situations, it might even worsen the device’s damage. 

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