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Myth 1: Disposable Vapes also contain nicotine, making them no better than regular cigarettes. 

Truth: Without established scientific investigations, one cannot disprove this myth definitively. While nicotine is addicting, multiple studies have shown that it has relatively little influence on one’s health. Tobacco cigarettes are significantly more dangerous because of the many compounds and chemicals in tobacco smoke, such as tar, arsenic, lead, carbon monoxide, and others. Because disposable vapes are always water-based vapor, they don’t include all of the harmful chemicals contained in traditional tobacco smoke. Here are five facts that should be used to dispel this myth:

  1. Nicotine levels: E-juices and e-liquids are classed according to their nicotine content, making it simple to determine how much nicotine is included in each bottle of vape liquid. On the other hand, cigarettes have widely differing nicotine levels, making it difficult to know precisely how much nicotine someone can be exposed to while smoking. Because of the different nicotine levels, it’s difficult to say if vaping consumes more or less nicotine. Nonetheless, how much nicotine is utilized in your vape juice is known, whereas the amount of nicotine contained in a single cigarette is unknown.
  2. Puff span: Nicotine absorption is strongly reliant on how long a person inhales the smoke or vapor, for both vapers and smokers. The amount of nicotine absorbed increases with the length of the pull. It’s hard to compare the amount of nicotine absorbed during a smoking session to a vaping session without accounting.
  3. Frequency of puffs: Furthermore, the way vapers vape differs significantly from the way smokers smoke. Smokers typically take long draws with longer gaps between them. Vapers, on the other hand, tend to take smaller, more frequent puffs. When conducting a controlled test to assess nicotine absorption levels, the amount of puffs taken during a session is crucial.
  4. Vaping Intensity: Some people prefer small, low-wattage devices, while others prefer high-wattage sub-ohm vaping. The amount of vape released per puff also influences the amount of nicotine given and absorbed in the body.
  5. Individual Absorption Rate: As we all know, everyone is unique, and their bodies function in unique ways. Even when using the same controlled measures, one person’s nicotine absorption may differ from another’s. Many factors influence how nicotine is absorbed, including body weight, height, and gender.

Myth 2: Disposable Vapes are hazardous since they have the potential to explode.

The truth is that if you toss a bottle of lighter fluid over a fireplace, it will explode. Nobody in their right mind would undertake such a thing because they know better than to utilize a gadget in the manner specified on its labeling. Many people try to modify e-juice and use batteries that aren’t designed for a specific model of the vape device. Disposable vapes, on the other hand, are simple to use and hassle-free. The user can use it till the device runs out of juice and can then be conveniently discarded.

It is critical to get a high-quality disposable vape and avoid knock-offs typically constructed with inferior parts. One of the risks of vapor smoking is purchasing a knock-off e-cigarette. You won’t have to worry about a disposable vape exploding in your face if you get them from a trustworthy supplier and follow those simple rules.

Myth 3: Because disposable vapes do not specify any ingredients, they are dangerous.

Truth: If you’re buying a disposable vape from a firm that won’t tell you what’s in it, don’t buy it. Every element included in a respected disposable vape company’s e-juice is disclosed. You may then conduct some research on each of the e-juice ingredients to learn more about what they are and how they work, so you’re always aware of what’s in the vapor you’re breathing.

Myth 4: Disposable Vapes are more expensive than regular cigarettes.

Truth: This is another prevalent myth about disposable vapes that comes to light when comparing the amount of use a disposable vape gets to traditional cigarettes. Some vape brands are more expensive than others, but the bulk of disposable vapes are reasonably priced. In addition, whether a user smokes or vapes, the cost they incur will be determined by their routine. A smoker who consumes five packs of cigarettes each day spends far more money than a vaper. Vaping enthusiasts and collectors, on the other hand, are more likely to acquire higher-priced goods and spend more than a chain smoker. Compared to the average chain smoker, average disposable vape users can anticipate saving a lot of money by switching to vaping.

Myth 5: Disposable Vapes can be purchased by anyone

Truth: This is not the case. Disposables are classified as “tobacco products” because they contain nicotine, despite the fact that they contain no tobacco and that many disposable vapes contain no nicotine. As a result, they are not permitted to be sold to anyone under 18, and in certain areas, even 19.

Suppose you’ve been a long-time tobacco smoker who hasn’t been able to quit using approved cessation methods. In that case, disposable vapes look safer and more convenient than continuing to smoke dangerous tobacco cigarettes. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest information and avoid the myths surrounding disposable vapes so you can make informed judgments that aren’t swayed by misinformation or rumor. Browse through Fat Puff’s high-quality vape selection to get your hands on disposable vapes. Each device is made to the highest standards and has a pleasing appearance to give you a pleasurable vaping experience.

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