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Bulk RabBeats RC10000 Touch Disposable Vapes (Box Of 5)



  • 10,000 Puffs
  • Nanoscale optical coating
  • Multi-layer texture crafting
  • Refracted visual effect with multiple colors
  • Made by Lost Mary

5+ Boxes = 3.5% OFF
10+ Boxes = 5.5% OFF
50+ Boxes = 12% OFF

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Available Options

Select Flavor(s)PriceQuantity 
Blueberry Watermelon$69.99
Cherry Lemon$69.99
Citrus Grape$69.99
Coconut Banana$69.99
Georgia Peach$69.99
LA Mint$69.99
Mount Splash$69.99
Ruby Raspberry$69.99
Watermelon BG$69.99


Wholesale RabBeats RC10000 Touch

The first touch-screen disposable vape pen.

Why Get The Wholesale RabBeats RC10000 Touch?

The Bulk RabBeats RC10000 Touch will soon be one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market because it is made by Lost Mary and is touchscreen. Each RabBeats RC10000 Disposable comes packed with a flavorful and smooth hit. In addition, the RabBeats RC10000 Touch offers a consistent, smooth rolling puff with very few defects.

Why People Buy RabBeats RC10000 Touch from Fat Puff Wholesale

Once customers find out about Fat Puff, they never shop anywhere else for wholesale vapes again. Our company takes pride in sourcing high-quality, authentic disposable vapes and importing them directly from the manufacturer. Furthermore, we ensure our product’s authenticity before posting anything for sale on our site. If, by chance, we do come across replicas or clone products, we make sure to label them accordingly.

How To Refill The RabBeats RC10000 Touch? 

You cannot refill the RabBeats RC10000 Disposable Vape. If you do, you are risking lung injuries from inhaling burnt cotton from the coil.

What flavors at in the RabBeats RC10000 Touch? 

Blueberry Watermelon | Cherry Lemon | Citrus Grape | Coconut Banana | Georgia Peach | LA Mint | Mount Splash | OMG | Ruby Raspberry | Watermelon BG

Mount Splash RabBeats RC10000 Touch tastes like tropical fruit mixed with citrus lime.

OMG RabBeats RC10000 Touch tastes like a tropical drink, with the main fruits being citrus orange, sweet mango, and guava paired together

How Do I Charge The RabBeats RC10000 Touch?

To charge the RabBeats RC10000 Touch, take a look at the bottom of the vape, you will find a USBC port. All you have to do is plug a USBC charger into the RabBeats RC10000 Touch for about 15 minutes and you will be ready to fat puff.

A Vaping Experience Your Customers Will Love

We understand that your top priority is satisfying your customers. That’s why we only deliver top-quality products. It would help if you didn’t have to worry about customer complaints. The RabBeats RC10000 Touch is known for its smooth or harsh hits depending on what you and your customers love. You can also deliver an experience they’ll never forget by offering our great flavors.

Quality Vapes at Low Prices

When purchasing vapes wholesale, you must purchase from a reputable company so that you can retain your customers.

At FatPuff Wholesale, we pride ourselves on selling only superior quality vapes at the lowest wholesale prices to our customers worldwide. We do this because we want every customer to be 100% satisfied with their purchase and enjoy what our products offer them.

Contact Fat Puff Wholesale for Your RabBeats RC10000 Touch

Contact us at any time of the day, any day of the week at +1 (321) 361-8101. We are here to change what it means to be a vape distributor. Whatever your inquiry or issue is, we will work around the clock to resolve it in 24 hours or less! We aim to make all Fat Puff Wholesale customers have an outstanding experience with us!

If you don’t see the flavor you want on our site, shoot us a text or call us, and we’ll see what we can do to get the flavor you desire in bulk! We offer a variety of brands other than the RabBeats.

Additional information

Select Flavor(s)

Blueberry Watermelon, Cherry Lemon, Citrus Grape, Coconut Banana, Georgia Peach, LA Mint, Mount Splash, OMG, Ruby Raspberry, Watermelon BG


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