Where to get Authentic Quality Cheap Bulk Puff Bars Online

Lets face it, in 2020 Puff Bars are the new trending disposable, the new Juul. “Puff” is an extremely recognizable brand that will sell nearly anywhere in the world. If you are a smoke shop owner anywhere in the US, you know that Puff Bars, Puff Plus and Puff Glow are just freaking FLYING off of the shelves. Its important to keep them in stock and most importantly to keep QUALITY Puff Bars/Pus and Glows in stock. Finding Original suppliers overseas is insanely difficult and shipping times can be > 1 week. So where can you get QUALITY cheap bulk puff bars online, and SHIPPED QUICKLY from the USA. Here!

Fat Puff Wholesale + Imports

Fat Puff Wholesale + Imports, is a Florida based Import and Export company centered around Authentic Quality Disposable Vapor Devices. Our main import is Puff Bars Puff Plus and Puff Glow. We offer cheap bulk puffbar for sale online. We ship from the USA and we can assure amazing quality.

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Verifying Puff Bar Quality

There is certainly a lot of businesses selling cheap bulk puff bars online, so how can you tell a good one from a bad one? The 3 components of the puff bar are the Juice, Battery and the Cotton.

Faulty Juice | If the device simply taste “off”, then you probably received a knockoff puff bar that used unoriginal juice.
Faulty Battery | If the device dies in less than a day or before the juice has ran out, then you probably received a knockoff puff bar.
Faulty Cotton | If the device taste “burnt”, then you probably received a knockoff puff bar, that used low quality cotton.

How to Avoid Bad Puff Bars Online

The best way to buy puff bars online, is to buy them from us (fatpuffwholesale). If you dont get them from us GET THEM FROM A US WHOLESALE/RESELLER. Buying from a reseller or wholesaler means the QUALITY IS TESTED before you buy. NEVER buy from DHgate or Alibaba, if your product is bad you will NOT get a refund and there is no way to verify the quality BEFORE you buy.

The Best Cheap Bulk Puff Bars Online @ Fatpuffwholesale.com