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Puff bars puff plus puff flow puff xxl

I have bought all of these different devices from this website and i can say 10/10 on quality, 10/10 on customer support and 10/10 for shipping time. 10 out of 10 overall, amazing company owned by amazing people.


Bang XXL Review

The Bang XXL tastes significantly better than any Puff product I have ever tried. I am military and I sell these disposables on base to other nic fiened soldiers, I started by selling Puff Plus. I tried out a box of these bangs last up and wow the reviews were raving, I will continue to order exclusively BANG products.


Fatpuff is awesome and their customer service and shipping times are ON point.


– Jordan


Authentic Puffs

Honestly, it’s late 2020, puff has been shut down for 2 months now… is there any real puffs out there? I don’t know, but Fatpuff seems to have real or if not real VERY high quality puffs with working verification codes. Shipping was 4 days from order to my door. (to texas). I do not usually leave reviews, but Fat Puff reached out and asked. Fat Puff has exceptional customer support and products and receives a 10/10 rating for me.


Very Kind Customer Service Team

The customer service team is very kind. I received 2 boxes of the 1600 Puff XXL and I had 3 dud’s between the two boxes. I emailed in, notifying Fat Puff of the duds. The owner, Karsten replied promptly and told me they have around a 6% defect rate, but gave me a 60% off promo code with free shipping for another box to make it right. 5/5 HIGHLY recommend.


Customer support team is wow…..

I emailed in asking about a missing box at 2am, they got back to me in 10 minutes, letting me know they would ship me a new box with an extra goodie for free! I love fatpuff!


I was skeptical at first, but everything worked out!

At first I was nervous about the quality of the product, but time and time again fatpuff delivers high quality and authentic goods!

Jason S