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Vaping has now become a popular alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes after the world health organization (WHO) declared it to be free of the risk of over-dependence or addiction. More so, vaping does not expose the body to tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful toxins present in smoke. In addition, the medicinal benefits of CBD have made the use of vape products more appealing. 

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD using a small container (vape cartridge) containing pre-filled CBD juice. The CCELL cartridges are one of the best vape cartridges that are designed to replace conventional wick-based coils. These ceramic heating elements produce purer flavors and higher potency of extracts with different viscosities.

That said, the market is saturated with different brands of CCELL cartridges and it can be hard for users, especially beginners to make choose the best option. Every town is flooded with brick-and-mortar stores that sell cartridges, but many of these companies do not offer high-quality products. 

Apart from the products, many companies that sell CCELL cartridges do not have experts that can guide you with further information. So you need to be careful. 

We’ve made the search process easy for you and compiled a list of the best 5 places to buy CCELL cartridges for vape oil. Check them out below:

Fat Puff Wholesale

Fat Puff Wholesale is the leading place to get a wholesale ceramic cartridge for vape oil. The product – Bulk 1ml CCELL Similar Cartridges Ceramic Lead-Free With Plastic Tubeis not named brand CCELL but they are just as good. These carts come with matching plastic tubing and they are available in packs of 25, 50, 100, and 250. 

Buying CCELL cartridges from Fat Puff Wholesale is safe and secure and the website is easy to navigate. It is a reliable place to buy authentic vape products.

Other products offered by Fat Puff Wholesale include Authentic Wholesale Juucy model X 1600 Puffs (Box of 5), Authentic flex vapes 2 favors in 1 device 1800 puffs (box of 10), Authentic wholesale HQD cuvie plus (box o 6), wholesale authentic whiff oversize 2000 puffs (10/box), authentic wholesale ezzy 2 flavors in 1 2000 puffs (box of 10), and other quality vaping products. 

The devices from this company are third-party lab tested and the quality assurance team ensures that each product adhere to the mandated hygienic and safety standards. 

Hamilton Devices

You can also get authentic CCELL cartridges from resellers like Hamilton Devices. This company is one of the best that deals in vaporizers and CCELL cartridges for vape oil. You can easily search for CCELL cartridges on their website and you can be sure to get reliable, authentic vape products. 

Hamilton Devices is an authorized CCELL reseller and when you buy from them, you know you’re getting the same products you would get from the manufacturer. 

The CCELL carts by Hamilton Devices have more than 400 patents and are built with a ceramic formula that distributes heat evenly with an embedded coil, superior leak protection, and compact size. 

If you want to stay safe and healthy, Hamilton Devices is one place you can shop to get authentic CCELL cartridges. 

The CCELL TH2 cartridges and other products on the site are also very easy to use. These automatic inhaling devices have no settings or buttons. Instead, they are ready to use from the first puff.

DC Alchemy

DC Alchemy offers premium CCELL cartridges and other vape products at a reasonable and affordable price. The CCELL carts are without the premium markup that is common with many other sellers or companies. 

DC Alchemy also offers excellent customer service and all the CCELL cartridges are laboratory-tested and quality assured for maximum safety. They specialize in providing CCELL cartridges wholesale and retail nationwide. 

The CCELL carts offered by DC Alchemy ensure that users get the most out of every draw without any form of leakage. These premium wickless cartridges allow heat to be absorbed and distributed evenly without burning. You get to enjoy an improvement in flavor and consistency. 

When you order CCELL cartridges from DC Alchemy, the products are shipped the same day and delivery is in as little as 2-3 days.  They offer three styles of CCELL cartridges and you can get custom branding. 

Jupiter Research 

Jupiter Research is one of the best places to get quality CCELL cartridges. The products from this company are designed, developed, and manufactured under state-of-the-art technology- A 360o heating coil is embedded in a porous ceramic, and uniform heating is produced. 

These CCELL cartridges produced by Jupiter Research absorb and vaporize high-viscosity extracts with much efficiency. The manufacturing excellence and proprietary ceramic formulation help to give this best-in-class performance. 

Each CCELL cartridge is manufactured in facilities that are GMP compliant with ISO 13485:12016 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. 

So in summary, Jupiter produces high-quality CCELL carts that adhere to the highest standards of safety. 


VPM has one of the best collections of vaporizers and oil pens. They are a key distributor of CCELL cartridges and you can rely on the team to take care of your vaping needs. 

You can buy authentic CCELL TH2 Oil Cartridges and CCELL M6T Oil Cartridges from VPM. This store has been widely known to represent the CCELL brand very well. With the CCELL’s leading technology, VPM has been able to craft options of CCELLs for varying needs and tastes. 

Both the TH2 and M6T cartridges feature ceramic heating atomizers that produce large clouds and optimal flavor. You can get either of these oil cartridges and enjoy a leak-proof performance, luxury user experience, and easy-to-zero maintenance. 

All products sold by VMP are ISO and GMP compliant. Therefore, you can be sure that quality has been tested through every production step. 

More so, VPM only purchases from certified CCELL distributors to give you authentic CCELL Brand products. They guarantee happiness and satisfaction on all of their carts for vape oil. If you have any questions, the customer service agents are always available to help you.

Final Remark

For you to get the most flavorful and largest cloud, you need to get a quality vape cartridge. There are many stores and distributors of CCELL cartridges out there, but if you’re looking for the best 5 places, the options above are great to shop from. However, a lot of people have been buying their CCELL cartridges from the number 1 option – Fat Puff Wholesale. Check out this CCELL cartridge – Bulk 1ml CCELL Similar Cartridges Ceramic Lead-Free With Plastic Tube.

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