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The rate at which new vape products are released into the market is alarming. There are now many e-cigarette stores worldwide and the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association estimated the number of vape shops in the United States in 2020 to be around 86,000. 

The catchy appearance, rich taste, and flavor let the disposable vapes dominate the vape market gradually. The market share has also increased in the year 2021. 

The high demand for quality vapes has caused many vape shops to put all kinds of wholesale disposable vapes on the shelves one after another. Now, there are a wide variety of disposable vapes in the market. This can bring confusion if you’re not careful and you may end up in the wrong hands, selling fake products as authentic. 

You may ask, “Where are the best places to buy wholesale disposable vapes in 2021?” Well, this is a smart question to ask considering the rapid influx of new shops in the vaping industry. 

Well, in this article, we’ve put together the best places to buy wholesale disposable vapes in 2021. 

The qualities we put into consideration include:

Quality products

With the high rate of competition among vape shops today, sales are directly proportional to product quality. If you don’t sell quality products, your shop will lose competitiveness.    

We considered some important details of vape products, including the flavor to taste and quality of appearance. 

So before buying a wholesale disposable vape product, you should check whether their product is good enough. 

A stable supply

What’s the essence of buying wholesale disposable vapes from a retailer or distributor if they cannot guarantee a stable supply? When shops run out of stock, it creates a bad shopping experience. 

So we considered the best disposable vape wholesalers that have a stable supply of vape products and can deliver anytime. 


Suppose the two factors listed above are in place, it can only prove that a vape wholesaler is qualified. However, price is also an important consideration. We considered companies or vape shops that can guarantee a suitable price, which creates low competitiveness. 

The Best Places to Buy Wholesale Disposable Vapes in 2021

Looking at the three factors above, below are the best 5 places to buy wholesale disposable vapes in 2021:

Fat Puff Wholesale

Fatpuffwholesale.com is a reputable website founded in 2019. This wholesaler sells authentic wholesale disposables at a reasonable price. This company is a legitimate online vape shop that makes your purchasing experience easy and trustworthy. 

What we do is to source for genuine, quality vapes, and import directly from manufacturers, rather than buying from a third party.  Up to date, Fat Puff Wholesale has sold over 100,000 vape products to satisfied customers.

We are transparent and label all of our products correctly. Sometimes we get unauthentic stock and we label them appropriately as “CLONE.” 

Our customer support is available 24/7 via text, and you can reach us on phone from 9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday. 

Fat Puff Wholesale sell products from notable brands including:

  • Wholesale HQD Cuvie
  • Wholesale Puff
  • Wholesale Fume
  • Wholesale HQD Cuvie plus
  • Airbar
  • Mr. Fog Max, etc.

You can visit our store to purchase your wholesale disposable vapes today. 

BBW Supply

BBW Supply is one of the largest distributors and wholesalers in the US. This one vape shop sells authentic wholesale disposable vapes from trusted brands such as Smok, joytech, vaporesso, and many more. 

The goal of this vape store is to provide you with excellent products, great prices, and rapid delivery. Their customer service is superb. And you can rest assured that when you shop wholesale disposable vapes from BBWSupply.com, you are getting genuine vape devices from the official manufacturer. 


Founded in 2013, Freeton has been one of the best places to buy wholesale disposable vapes. This company makes its products using state-of-the art equipment and under a medical-standard environment. They also customize and products according to the specific demands or needs of their customers. 

Freeton doesn’t just leave you to their choice of designs; instead, they work with you through the production process and stages to ensure you get your prescription and specification. They basically provide disposable 0EM&ODM services to different customers and receive many positive comments.

The products go through mass-production verification testing, and if everything is good, mass production takes place and it’s delivered to you. 


eBargainVapes is one of the best wholesale providers of disposable vapes. This company is focused on selling premium vape products. In fact, they sell 100% authentic vape products.

When you purchase your wholesale disposable vapes with eBargainVapes, they process your order, package, and ship on the same day. You also get a chance to get authentic products at affordable prices and juicy discounts. There are also varieties of flavors to choose from.

More so, you get reward points with each purchase and you can use these points to pay for your order. 

Vape Wholesale USA

Vape Wholesale USA is a reputable company and one of the industry leaders in wholesale vaping supply. This wholesale brand only works with authentic, globally recognized companies like SMOK, Aspire, VooPoo, Suorin, Geekvape, and VGOD, etc. to ensure their vaping supplies are of the highest quality. 

You can enjoy a fast and friendly service with Vape Wholesale USA. They provide wholesale disposable vapes from coast to coast and they never run out of stock. 

The disposable vapes come in varieties of flavors and they are up at an affordable price. 

Final Remark

A lot of shops and stores sell disposable vapes but not all of them are trusted. The stores listed above are the best you can find around when it comes to purchasing wholesale disposable vapes.

The best in town is still Fat Puff Wholesale. We offer the best packages of wholesale vapes from reputable brands and our prices are very much affordable. Check our store to see our wide range of products. Shop wisely today!

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