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Can you remember your first time seeing a smoke trick? Perhaps you were watching a movie, a video or a particular friend was showing off. Undoubtedly, you were impressed. Smoke stunts appear entertaining, and they have been around for a while. You’ve probably seen some smokers test them with cigarette smoke, but that weak type of smoke limits their popularity.

On the other hand, vapor enables you to generate impressive and defined vape tricks, supplementing another great reason to dump cigarettes and join the new style. Some vapers do it for the sheer pleasure of it; they go above and above by executing new tricks such as:

  • Blowing Smoke (O’s) Rings
  • Double and Triple O’s
  • The Dragon Trick
  • Bane and French Inhale
  • Liquid Mist
  • Bull Ring

Now, we’ll go over each trick and how to execute them!

Blowing Smoke (O’s) Rings

Blowing smoke rings, or vapor rings, when exhaling is essential if you want to progress from the unusual and somewhat crude vape tricks to more advanced ones. You can blow O’s strings one after the other and even modify their shape and size with enough experience. 

How To:

You must inhale and hold the vapor in your throat. You don’t have to draw a large amount, so a tiny one is fine for beginners. Place your tongue on the bottom of your mouth, then gently press the rear of your tongue towards the back of your throat. 

Curl your lips around your teeth in the shape of the letter “O” while keeping them taut. Then, with your throat throbbing like you’re coughing, push the vapor outside.

Double and Triple O’s

Blowing smoke rings is an old method that smokers invented: no one gets excited, and it doesn’t attract much attention. You can progress to more challenging feats like inhaling two, three, four, or even more rings simultaneously once you’ve mastered the essential O’s rings. 

How to:

To begin, take a long puff from your vape. Place a finger or two fingers on the lips with your mouth slightly open (to blow two and three O’s rings, respectively). Exhale slowly while flicking your throat on its side with the other hand’s finger. Although it may appear complicated at first, practice will allow you to design a room with small O rings.

The Dragon Trick

The dragon is one of the most straightforward vape tricks you’ve ever tried. You’ll be breathing vapor like a beast after just a few rounds of practice. It’s a great technique that makes you look like a flaming dragon. Without a doubt, it’s a vaping technique that fascinates everyone with interest in vaping! 

How To:

Vapor must be blown through four separate regions of your body: your two nostrils and the two corners of your mouth. By keeping the center of your lips contact when exhaling, the vapor is now sent through the corners of your mouth. Pull in as much vapor as you can without inhaling it. This technique may necessitate some practice.

When you’ve gotten the most vapor in your mouth, simultaneously push it out via your nose and the two corners of your mouth. You must push it as quickly as possible while providing some force. When you add a menacing gaze to this maneuver, you end up looking like a terrifying demon.

Bane and French Inhale

This is another fine and easy vaping tip that even has a fancy name. You release the vapor after drawing it into your mouth, and it is inhaled via your nose. It has the appearance of an inverted waterfall. 

Taking a drag from the vape without inhaling it is the first step, which resembles a ghost hit. Then, the lips closed, allowing the vapor to sit in the mouth. Then open your lips slowly and exhale the mist.

How To:

Allow the vapor to sit in the mouth after the drag. Slowly open your lips, then press your lower jaw forward to allow the vapor to escape freely. The trick’s unique feature is that the existing vapor is inhaled continuously through the nose. 

For the Bane half of the trick, block the vapor path with your teeth so that it emerges as thin pipes, giving you the appearance of Bane (DC Villain).

Liquid Mist

When you’re sitting in the bar or partying in the hoods, Liquid Mist is a spectacular vape trick for dazzling your peers. You may easily create a mist on top of your whisky or beer to make it look like a potion.

How to:

To begin, pour yourself a glass of cold beverage, such as your favorite cider or lager, preferably one with a large diameter. If your glass is full, wait until it is half-full before beginning your wow-thing! 

Take a great rip with the vape. Touch the rims of the whisky glass with the vapor within your mouth as if you were taking a sip, and gently exhale that vapor. What a great look; the vapor will stay on your liquor like magic.

Bull Ring

It’s a ferocious-looking vape trick, but anyone who can easily blow smoke rings can do bull rings with ease. This trick, like O rings, comes in the shape of an O. The vapor is expelled through the nostrils rather than the mouth. The end effect is a blown-through-the-nose O ring.

How To:

There is no pain, contrary to popular belief. Simply blow a medium-sized smoke ring, then pull within (inhale) the upper section of the ring with your nostrils. Mastery takes time, so don’t rush into learning.

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