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Fat Puff Wholesale is one of the best companies for wholesale vape products in the U.S. However, a lot of people have been wondering and asking, “Does Fat puff Wholesale sell real authentic products?” The simple answer is “YES.” Fat Puff Wholesale is a legitimate website that sells authentic quality disposable vapor devices. 

Although it can be hard buying vape products in bulk online because the market is flooded with many untrusted distributors and companies, Fat Puff Wholesale is a trusted brand and they make the purchase experience easy and 100% legit. 

However, sometimes we get unauthentic stock and we sell them with the “CLONE” tag, just to be transparent in which products are authentic and which are unauthentic. 

Some of our products with the “CLONE” tag include:

CLONE Wholesale Fume Ultra 2500 Puffs (Box of 10)

This is a clone fume product and that’s why we post this batch on our website for just $65. Normally, the Fume Ultra, especially the authentic products are better than the Fume Extra. 

We always recommend authentic products. Check it out – Authentic Wholesale Fume Ultra 2500 Puffs (Box of 10).

However, this Clone Fume Ultra may give up to 2500 hits, which can be smooth and not overwhelming. There are 22 varieties of flavors in total. 

The bottom part of the Clone Fume Ultra has a bright light (but just for aesthetic purposes). They are a very popular product in the South right now. 

Wholesale Hyde 3300 Puffs Recharge CLONE! (Box of 10)

The Hyde 330 Recharge is a popular disposable across America. In fact, it is a staple disposable product that is known anywhere. The products usually come with a rechargeable battery and produce 3300 hits of e-juice. 

The Hyde disposables have a robust 9000 mAh battery each and they come with an impressive 10 ml of E-liquid. 

This product-Wholesale Hyde 3300 Puffs Recharge CLONE! (Box of 10)-however, is not authentic, and that’s why we tag it as CLONE.

Wholesale Mr Fog Max PRO 2000 Puffs CLONE (Box of 10)

Mr Frog’s disposable vapes are a great alternative to bulkier vape mods as you can easily take them anywhere you go without the need for extra accessories. However, this Max Pro vape from Mr Frog’s Vape is a cloned version of the real version from China and you can get it for just $65. Each box contains 10 vapes and they hit very well just like the original product. There are 28 varieties of flavors available in total. 

Mr Frogs Max Pro disposables do not require charging or maintenance, and they contain over 6mL of nicotine e-juice, a strong battery, and offer you over 1,700 puffs. 

You can buy this clone product from Fat Puff Wholesale today.

Other clone products you can find on Fat Puff Wholesale include:

Apart from these five clone products, all other products on Fat Puff Wholesale are real and authentic direct from the producers. 

We respect every of our customer and we have our integrity to keep being a trusted brand. And that’s why we tag untrusted products as CLONE in the title or description. These products always come at a lower price compared to the real or authentic ones. However, the decision is left for you to take.  

Some of our authentic products include:

There are many other authentic disposable vape products that we sell at Fat Puff Wholesale. You can visit our store to check out them. 

There are many online suppliers but when it comes to quality bulk vape products, Fat Puff Wholesale stands out. We ship your order quickly and directly from the USA and we can assure real and authentic quality. 

More so, we sell direct-to-consumer wholesale and business-to-business wholesale. We also export to other distributors outside of the US. 

You no longer need to keep purchasing from multiple sites. Fat Puff Wholesale offers authentic disposable vape products all within one site. 

The interesting part is that you can shop right from the comfort of your home. We distribute authentic bulk or whole vape products from different brands including:

  • Wholesale Puff
  • Wholesale HQD Cuvie
  • Wholesale HQD Cuvie plus
  • Airbar
  • Mr. Fog Max

There are many options available on our site – We show you the authentic products as well as the Clone products. Our prices are the best and our customer service is top-notch. 

Final Remark

It can be hard to see online retailers showing you products that are fake; a lot of them describe all of their products as authentic, deceiving their customers. 

At Fat Puff Wholesale, we are strictly transparent and that’s why we are one of the best companies in the US selling disposables. 

We sell real authentic products and we also have the fake ones in stock clearly labeled as “CLONE.” We don’t hide any details from our customers and we leave you to make your decision. 

You can visit our store today to see our wide range of authentic wholesale vape products. 

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