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How to tell if my Geek Bar Pulse is real?

For vapers who value affordability and convenience, disposable vapes are perfect. However, finding fake vaporizers is getting more and more frequent.

Since knockoff vape pens are usually made in unhygienic settings by unskilled laborers, it can be difficult to tell what’s inside.

Dishonest producers usually use cheap, long-expired e-juice in disposables or cut corners with ingredients. Moreover, they might include dangerous fungicides and insecticides that evaporate and become extremely toxic.

How many counterfeit Geek Bar Pulse are there? It is estimated that at over 100,000 fakes have been recorded, with 12 facilities being seized.

But don’t worry! We’ll show you how to identify and avoid bogus Geek Bar Pulse for good. Let’s get started without further ado.

How To Spot a fake Geek Bar Pulse

To confirm your purchase if you’re worried that it’s a fake Geek Bar Pulse, look for these telltale indicators. You can easily identify fake disposables if you know what to look for. Make sure to check the following parts before making a purchase:

Design of the package

Is the vape pen’s packaging made cheaply? To see what the real deal box should look like, conduct a Google image search. Or you could look it up here.


Red flags, such as cheap-looking or poorly made packaging, should not be disregarded. Unauthorized use of cartoons, movies, or characters protected by copyright is a surefire sign of fraudulent disposables.

Printing Quality

Look closely at the packaging. Is the product’s writing or artwork distorted?


Low-quality ink from counterfeits can easily deteriorate when exposed to air. This ought to be sufficient to decide if the package’s contents are worth the money.

Nicotine Potency is Low

Disposable vape pens come in a range of e-juice concentration levels. Conversely, counterfeit disposables typically have a weaker flavor and less nicotine. Stated differently, it will take multiple inhalations of the vapor to produce the same effects as a single puff.


If the e-juice concentration on your vape pen is much less than what is advertised on the box, or if it lacks the kick that it promises, you are most likely holding a fake.

Where Can I Buy Authentic Geek Bar Pulse?

Above all, make sure the retailer you choose only stocks authentic disposable vaporizers. For instance, Fat Puff Wholesale offers thorough methods to verify authenticity. This indicates a sincere dedication to providing devices that are legitimate and lawful.


Additionally, your Smoke Shop offers authentic, high-quality Geek Bar products at a premium price. There are plenty of legitimate Geek Bar Pulse dealers in the country; if you have any doubts, get in touch with them and ask them to confirm the legitimacy of their offerings.

Geek Bar FAQ

If you want to purchase genuine Geek Bar Pulse, you should first understand exactly what you are purchasing. 

In the rapidly changing world of vaping, the Geek Bar is a ground-breaking product that popularized the idea of a disposable full-screen gadget. The Geek Bar Pulse offers 15,000 puffs with a Pulse Mode being 7500.

What Flavors Are There For The Geek Bar Pulse?

Scorpio “Blue Mint”

Sagittarius “Cherry Bomb”

Capricorn “Dragon Melon”

Aquarius “Grape Blow Pop”

Pisces “Black Cherry”

Mexican Mango 

Blow Pop

Pink Lemonade 

White Gummy Ice 

Sour Apple Ice

Blue Razz Ice 

California Cherry 

Fcuking FAB

Juicy Peach Ice 

Meta Moon 

Miami Mint 

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Mango

Tropical Rainbow Blast 

Watermelon Ice


How much E-Liquid is in a Geek Bar Pulse?

There is 16mL of 5%/50mg e-liquid in each device. Juice and battery levels are shown on a sizable front panel screen, along with the device’s regular and pulse modes.

What are the dimensions of Geek Bar Pulse?

The weight is 0.4 oz. 

82.6mm x 52.6mm x 27.7mm are the dimensions.

Geek Bar Pulse contains Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Natural and Artificial Flavors.

Comes in Boxes of 5