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How FatPuffWholsale.com Ensures Puff Bar Quality in 2020

If you’ve ever tried to buy Puff Bars online, you’re probably noticed that the first search result on Google looks something like this:

Why is this?

  • As of 2020, the United States has instituted a ban on importing Puff Bars directly from China to the United States due to their variety of fruity flavors that appealed to young consumers. Because of this, many retailers have begun buying empty Puff Bars and filling them with their own fluid, or simply just supplying knockoffs from non-licensed vendors.  This has caused nicotine vape users to be wary of Puff Bars in general, as legitimate Puff Bars are currently difficult to find.


How can I trust FatPuffWholesale.com to supply real Puff Bars?

  • Fatpuffwholesale.com is able to supply legitimate Puff Bars to vape users by importing them from the United Kingdom. Because the UK has no ban on importing Puff Bars from China, we are able to buy from licensed vendors, and our stock is 100% real. Due to the perception of risk associated with Puff Bars in the United States, Fatpuffwholesale.com aims to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our supply chain. You can be assured that importing Puff Bars directly from the UK avoids any chance of stocking a knockoff.

Figure 1Fat Puff’s Selection

What does the future of Puff Bars look like?

  • Though direct shipment to the United States is still prohibited, Puff Bar is currently applying for PMTA approval again. This means that there is a high probability of genuine Puff Bars being more widely spread. Until then, fatpuffwholesale.com has you covered for any and all Puff Bar and vape

related needs.


While US restrictions on Puff Bars have made them difficult to find, fatpuffwholesale.com is able to stock legitimate Puff Bars by importing from the UK. Current stock includes the Puff Bar, Puff Bar Glow , Puff Bar PLUS, Puff 1600 XXL and Puff Flow

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