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New Geek Bar Pulse Frozen Edition Flavors

Geek Bar has been coming out with new and exciting flavors since 2015, from the new Frozen edition, and the new Geek Bar Lush. The new Frozen edition Geek Bar Pulse features a awesome two-tone fading design and a menthol kick in every flavor. In this article you will learn about the all-new Frozen flavors, what they taste and look like, where to get the new flavors, and how to tell if your frozen edition Geek Bar Pulse is fake.

What do the new Frozen Edition Geek Bar Pulse Flavors taste like?

All of The new Geek Bar Pulse Frozen Edition disposable vapes combine fruitiness with a lovely menthol kick in the back of each flavor. The Frozen edition comes out with 6 flavors with the design featuring a full-screen display, dual mesh coil, dual-core, and two modes: pulse and regular. The regular mode gives you access to 15,000 puffs while the pulse mode gives bigger clouds and better taste while having 7500 puffs. Below is the new flavors and what taste you can expect from them.

Frozen Cherry Apple Geek Bar Pulse

The Frozen Cherry Apple flavor is a sweet combination of juicy cherries and crisp apples with a kick of menthol to finish this dazzling flavor. This flavor also has a light blue and green two-toned design

Frozen Pina Colada Geek Bar Pulse

The Frozen Pina Colada Geek Bar Pulse tastes like sweet pineapple and tropical coconut. Mixing these two flavors makes sense because it has a refreshing menthol coolness to cool down your hot summer days and take your taste buds to paradise. This GeekBar Pulse also has an attractive two-toned gradient with light blue and yellow. 

Frozen Strawberry Geek Bar Pulse

The Frozen Strawberry Geek Bar Pulse is a classic juicy strawberry flavor mixed with a cooling menthol leaving you wanting to go back for more and neve to putting down this eye catching disposable vape.

Frozen Watermelon Geek Bar Pulse

The Frozen Watermelon GeekBar Pulse is perfect for summertime. This flavor mixes ripe watermelon and freezes it in menthol for a refreshingly sweet flavor you and your customers need. being one of my favorite colors, this flavor comes in a blue and pink disposable.

Frozen White Grape Geek Bar Pulse

The Frozen White Grape GeekBar Pulse is a delicate and tangy-sweet mix of white grapes with icy menthol that nobody can ignore when it comes to being one of the best flavors on this list. Boasting a beautiful Blue shade, this is my favorite color on this list.

Frozen Blackberry Fab Geek Bar Pulse

The Frozen Blackberry Fab is a satisfying experience that tastes like juicy blackberries, and blueberries, and very cool menthol is sure to leave you wanting another puff until it dies. This Geek Bar vape comes with a gorgeous blue and purple gradient to compliment the full-screen.

Where Can I Get The Frozen Edition Geek Bar Pulse?​

The best and most affordable place to buy authentic Geek Bar Pulse Disposable Vapes is Fat Puff Wholesale because we are verified distributors by Geek Bar. Normally, we offer single pieces for only $17.99, but, if you buy 2, 5, and 10 pieces we offer discounts. If you want bulk or wholesale boxes that contain 5,  our pricing is only $69.99, but again, we offer discounts for 5, 10, and 50 boxes and we meet or beat our competitors’ pricing. 

If you don’t want to order online, you can go to a vape store in town but you will be paying $25-$30 per piece, and risk getting fake products.

How Do I know if my Geek Bar Pulse Disposable is real?

There are multiple ways to verify your GeekBar vape, but the best way is to scan the QR Code on the box from your phone, then you will type your unique code and it will tell you if your product is authentic. If you don’t have a phone, you can look at the material in the disposable, GeekBar only uses expensive and top-grade materials in their product. The final way to authenticate your product is to puff on the vape and pay attention to the smoke and taste production, if it is subpar, your product is not made by the real geekbar.


Although Geek Bar has been a popular choice among vapers for years, with the addition of the new Frozen Edition, their popularity is sure to skyrocket with these amazing flavors and designs. Featuring a full side screen to show battery and juice percentage, duel mesh coils and duel core to produce bigger and fuller clouds along with balancing flavor, and two modes to vape at your pace and desired fullness, Geek Bar is sure to be everybody’s new favorite vape.

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