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The vapor produced by your favorite e-liquid is always fun to admire, whether you’re a beginning vaper or a skilled cloud chaser. As the popularity of vaping grows every day, you can now witness simple vape tricks nearly anywhere – movies, online videos, music videos, and other social media platforms. Vaping competitions and vape stores are full of these vape techniques. Cannabis users are quickly catching up to nicotine liquid in e-cigarettes users, who ruled the art a few years ago. Continue reading to find out what it takes to perfect the art of vaping.


Once you’ve mastered blowing O rings with confidence, try changing the shape of the O to make it triangular!

How to:

You must exhale an O ring and use your hands to press the ring gently. You’ll see that if you swiftly tap one side of this ring, it bends into a triangle. What matters here is the handwork’s timing to achieve the most remarkable results. Learn how to push and tap the ring and when to do so. You can make lovely triangles with the appropriate timing.


The vaping trick is famous, but mastering it takes some practice.

How to:

To begin, take a deep drag on your vape and inhale it to the back of your throat. The tongue is lying on the floor of the mouth and being dragged towards the back of the throat during this moment. A small amount of vapor is forced out of the throat by forming an O-shape with your mouth and sticking out your lips. Blowing smoke rings is similar, except the cheerios O rings are more petite.

The Jellyfish

This vape trick is a favorite when done correctly. Underwater, it looks just like a jellyfish. It can also be known as the Atomic Bomb. The objective is to create a little smoke ring amid a larger one, eventually forming a jellyfish. 

How to:

All you need to do is blow a smoke ring, then produce an airflow with your palms, tugging the O ring. Exhaled vapor precisely in the middle of that floating smoke ring after that.

A Tornado

It’s one of the most basic techniques that require the use of your hands. Although the name may sound amusing or menacing, rest assured that everyone who sees this vape trick will be impressed. 

The entire concept entails creating a flat vapor pool that generates a tornado shape, manipulating a large cloud of vapor with the hand to create a tornado-like swirl. You cannot perform the tornado in a car since it requires a level surface. This method is especially well-suited and great for use with a vape that generates thick, steady vapor. 

How to:

All you need to know about a tornado is to carefully exhale your vapor, making sure to do it on a perfectly flat surface and keeping in mind that the vapor must be somewhat thick. Another thing you’ll need to know is how to use your hands and chop the surface. Then raise your arm and flick your wrist up. Ensure that everything is done at the same time. You can take a step back and watch the twister shape take shape.

A Vapor Bubble

As the name implies, it’s a vape trick that needs you to blow a giant bubble. All you have to do is create a bubble to contain the vapor that your vape produces. 

How to:

To make Vapor Bubble, you’ll need soapy water, a vape, and a roll of toilet paper. You must soak the end of the toilet paper in soapy water to activate it, much like you would a bubble wand. After that, take a significant drag of vapor from your vape and blow it into the toilet paper roll. When you’ve determined that your bubble is large enough to suit your fancy, poke it to release the vapor.


This fantastic vape resembles a heavy water-like liquid flowing down a container. It’s not tough to perfect the spectacular waterfall trick. 

How to:

You’ll need a bottle with frozen water at the bottom of it. You blow the vapor into the bottle — through the bottle inlet – and slowly pour the vapor out as you pull vapor from your vape.

The Ghost Inhale

It’s a reasonably straightforward vape trick. It’s something that everyone can try, even if it’s their first time vaping. As a result, it’s an excellent technique for beginners, and mastering it is enjoyable and straightforward. It looks like a Casper spewing vapor balls, then sucking it back in quickly. The Mushroom Cloud is another name for it!

How to:

To start, take a long vapor pull into your mouth and hold it there without inhaling. Before expelling the vapor, it can sit in the mouth for a few seconds. After that, the ball is ejected from the mouth in the shape of a ball. 

To master this, open your mouth, form it into a ball, then quickly close it. You must hold your breath without forcing the vapor out, and as soon as the vapor leaves the mouth, you must act as if you are sucking it back in. After mastering it, you’ll find yourself doing Ghost Inhale in more complex ways.


We recommend starting with vapes that feature a chip with security measures while you learn the ropes if you’re new to advanced vaping. So, with the confidence that a regulated system provides, you may experiment with wattage, volts, and ohms to find your optimal vaping experience. 

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