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Penjamin Cart Pen Smle Labs

Penjamin Cart Pen Battery


It’s a battery – that’s also a real pen! Embrace the mix of discretion and functionality with the Cart Pen by Smyle™ Labs.

  • 100% Guaranteed Authentic Penjamin
  • Rechargeable with USB Type C
  • Looks and writes like a real pen
  • High-performance 510 cartridge battery
  • 3 adjustable temperature settings
  • Preheat function for best performance
  • Compatible with 1g and 0.5g cartridges
  • Includes Charging Cable

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Light Blue$23.99
White (Glow In The Dark)$23.99
White & Beige Camo$23.99


Featuring the brand new Penjamin Cart Battery Pen by Smyle Labs.

It’s a pen battery – that’s also a real pen! Embrace the fusion of discretion and functionality with the aromatherapy Cart Pen by Smyle™ Labs. With its patented design that mirrors a traditional pen, this cartridge writing penjamin takes your experience to new heights of convenience. Made with high-quality materials and built to last (cart not included).

What is the Penjamin Cart Battery?

The Penjamin™ is a discreet 510-threaded battery made for your cartridges! This design allows you to write with the pen but also take rips wherever you choose without anyone knowing or asking for aroma!

How does the Penjamin Cart Battery work?

To write, screw the bottom part of the pen in a counterclockwise direction. To fire, take the rubber garment off the top part of the Penjamin, and insert and screw any 510 threaded cartridges in. Put the rubber garment back on, covering your cartridge tip until the mouthpiece tip pops out. Click the button that is placed under the pen clip 5 times to turn the Penjamin on. Click 2 times to preheat, and 3 times to choose the temperature you would like.

What’s included In The Penjamin Cart battery?

1 x Cart Pen, 1 x Micro USB charger, 1 x .5 cartridge adapter (empty aromatherapy cartridge is not included)

How do I use the Penjamin cart battery?

Screw in your 1g or 0.5g cartridge into the Penjamin™. Once secured, you can use the preheat function and adjust the voltage as per your preference.

What is a Penjamin?

Penjamin is the words “Benjamin” and “Pen” combined to mean cart battery a.k.a “Penjamin”.

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Black, Grey, Pink, Red, Light Blue, White (Glow In The Dark), White & Beige Camo


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